Ston'emm December 2021 Drop is LIVE

Okay *whew* here goes everything everybody!

Ston'emm December 2021 drop IS LIVE!!!

Go to and hit the store and see what you can grab! There's ALOT of stuff: Custom Ston'emm figures, Kits, Terra-Fauna, Lil'grinds! MASS HYSTERIA!!

2021 Ston'emm Release is LIVE!!!


The Ston'emm 2021 drop is live!!! AHHHH!!!!

The Great Bah'glenn Glyos Lot Purge Extravaganza is live!!!


Been a while but I am here to purge some Glyos and chew bubble gum.

And I am alllll out of bubble gum. 

Head to the store here on this site and see if you see a lot of parts you may want! 

Buhl'tohdians Debut release is LIVE!!

The last drop of 2019 from Bahglenn Creations is LIVE!! Head on over to our store (located HERE) and grab yourself a Buhl'tohdian AND a special rocky surprise edition for this holiday season!

Happy Holidays everybody!

October 2019 Release a Success!

Well with just a little over a week in the store, just about all of our 2019 Halloween offerings have sold out! As of this writing we may have one lone Specter Rokk'pot left and all of our Canne'trickers have gone off to spread Halloween trickery in other people's homes (be sure to keep a steady supply of candy on hand- those little guys sure get hungry!).

After 5 months...We're back!!!

Hey gang! Sorry for the delay during the last FIVE MONTHS. The end of the year is always hectic around here and after our 'Boids are Back!' release we had to re-group and re-evaluate how we do stuff around here. I am not prepared to say what is due next, but I am hopeful you all will enjoy it.

The 'Boids are Back Release is LIVE!!

Head over to the store and check out our new 2018 Canne'boids, Canne'mytes as well as the all Halloween Exclusive: a brand new Canne'lantern!!

And remember: you can't avoid the Canne'boids!!

The return of...the Canne'boids!!!

This newest figure was sculpted back in early June of this past spring (aka 2018 for those people reading this in- the future!!) and I have been chomping at the bit to show people it. Once Victor Durango and I resumed working together, I knew the next release after the Tohdian was going to be this new Canne'boid.

While we get prepared for the release, I wanted to show you guys a brief history of the Canne'boid and what lead us to their newest release.

The next Savage Swamps figure is here...

The newest release for the Warriors of Slauria: Savage Swamps line is here!

After a 6 year absense in resin form and sparse hand-sculpted releases, the Canne'boids are back!! Unlike their 2011 counterparts, these 'boids are a bit bigger, feature light-piping, new head sculpts and brand new arms & legs!

More info will be revealed as we lead up to the release but enjoy these two samples of our Standard Blue Skin Canne'boid and our Purple Skin Canne'boid! 


Nilgobian Science Log

"Log Entry 10212-018,
Our deal with the Prutarrans allows us access to the planet Slauria for study and specimen extraction. Today my men and I spotted a strange, vicious scaley beast that we had yet to encounter here. Our scent and sight cloaking technology worked perfectly so as not to give our presence away to them, but it did still un-nerve our group. We will continue to keep tabs on this new species to determine exactly what it is."

       Nilgobian Chief Scientist 

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