April 2023



"Ston'emm command outpost come in! This is Sta'lagg of Granite from moon base Quar'taa 5 responding to your request for additional troops! Sending a squad of Bahr'el Breakers, and a few Ston'emm Elite Soldiers your way on an Astercraft Transport Shuttle now. ETA 1500 hours Sol System Eastern Time.

We will transmit again before the troops are deployed, rock those Armorvor scum for us back home  Ston'emms! Sta'lagg of Granite over and out!"


Ston'emm Reinforcements have Landed!

Ston'emm reinforcements have arrived!

This is just a teeny tiny mini drop that I was able to build into a group of figures. 

Check the store have fun and ROCK ON!

Series 2 Lil'grind news!

Okay so apparently I am horrible at keeping this blog updated, but in my defense thats mostly because I use Instagram way more then this blog to get the word out on upcoming drops.

But seeing as the last entry here was from December of 2021, and it shows up as the preview imagery- now seems like a good time for an updated.