We interupt Alien Mercs Monday with a Special Presentation!!

Wait- what?? Yes this week and for the next four weeks during shooting for Episodes 5-through-8 of Alien Mercenaries Return, I am showing you all another photo comic that's roots tie deeply into the lore and backstory of Alien Mercenaries: "Comm. Grott & the Pru'tarran Criminal Catchers"!

A four-part Mini-Series created in 2010, I originally uploaded the first two parts to the October Toys Forums but parts 3 & 4 were never completed and therefore never shown. As the OTF Boards are long since dead, deleted and gone with the wind, I felt it was a good time to re-introduce these characters for all of you to see. This was my most ambitous project at the time and is full of special effects, crazy battles and one killer set of a giant rock.

Check out Part 1 of the "Ambush on Mt. Noohoopshar" HERE and be sure to come back here each week for parts 2, 3 & 4!


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