UPDATE: New York Comic Con Ston'emm Items & Price List!

Okay, we're days away from NYCC 2013 & here are some pictures to tide you over until the show. First, before that, we here at Bah'glenn Creations would like to thank our friends from Onell Design for putting us up at their booth at the show again this year. It's pretty crowded this go around with tons of Glyos production & hand-cast stuff all 4 days.

We'll be at the Onell Design Booth #102 on these days & at these times:


Friday October 11th from 4pm-to-7pm

Sunday October 13th from 1pm-to-5pm

Now, onto the photos!

Standard Ston'emm Warriors Mk 2- $40 Each

Pur'pullium Tribe Ston'emm- $40.00 Each

Crys'torg, the Chronicler- $40.00

Volkriun Assault Division Lil'grinds- $5.00 Per Lil'grind

Em'rald of Feldspar's Lil'grinds- $5.00 Per Lil'grind

Standard Lil'grinds (Dark Gray) Mk2- $5.00 Per Lil'grind

Standard Lil'grinds (Light Gray) Mk2- $5.00 Per Lil'grind

Pur'pullium Tribe Lil'grinds Mk 2 (Aqua Green Eyes) & Mk 1 (Yellow Eyes)- $5.00 Per Lil'grind

Ecto-Plasmic Tribe Lil'grinds-  $5.00 Per Lil'grind

Lem'nlime Lil'grinds- $5.00 Per Lil'grind

Dy-Mnnd's Lil'grind Brigade- $5.00 Per Lil'grind

Blood Ruby Red Lil'grinds- $5.00 Per Lil'grind



-Ecto-Plasmic Ston'emm Tribe (Ecto-Plasmic Pink w/Neon Pink Light-Piping)- $40.00 Each

-Em'rald of Feldspar's Honor Guard (Metallic Green w/Purple Light-Piping)- $40.00 Each

Crystal'emms- (All Crystal'emms feature BRAND-NEW Shoulders & Legs!)

-"Dy-Mnnd the Indestructible" v2 (Clear w/Black Smoke Light-piping)- $40.00 Each

-"Ru'bredd the Reflector" (Ruby Red Clear w/Glow in the Dark Light-piping)- $40.00 Each

-"Saff-Ire the Healer" (Saffire Blue Clear w/Glow in the Dark Light-piping)- $40.00 Each

Rokk'pots- (All Rokk'pots now feature Light-Piped Eyes!!)

-????- $20.00 Each

Can't wait to see everyone at the show again, it's gonna be a very interesting convention for sure!


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