The return of...the Canne'boids!!!

This newest figure was sculpted back in early June of this past spring (aka 2018 for those people reading this in- the future!!) and I have been chomping at the bit to show people it. Once Victor Durango and I resumed working together, I knew the next release after the Tohdian was going to be this new Canne'boid.

While we get prepared for the release, I wanted to show you guys a brief history of the Canne'boid and what lead us to their newest release.

Their name, "Canne'boid" comes from the word 'Cannibal' as Canne'boids eat each other and cannibalize objects and items from other races. In late January 2011 I did a study for the Canne'boid. This was the very first drawing I ever did of them and a lot about what they are and their look would change before existing as a physical sculpted form.

This was their first initial design. Their look changed alot between here and the final sculpt, specifically their having fur as a part of their bodies. I initially thought of them as having fur pelts from creatures they hunted, but the contrast between faux fur and scaley skin appealed to me so I made it a part of their bodies.

The colors of the first Canne'boids release were dependent on whatever Buildmen Matt Doughty had in stock at the time. For the August 2011 release he only had Black and maybe 4 Blue Buildmen. This resulted in their being black, blue and blue/phase green Canne'boids.

Below are the original test pulls for the narrow and squat heads of the Canne'boids. Proving way too difficult to paint, these heads were retired right after the NYCC 2011 release and were never molded or cast again.

While visiting with Matt Doughty in December 2011, he and I had fun discussing the Canne'boid and talked about what the race is actually like. Alot of their physical traits were finalized during these brain storming sessions and shaped what the Canne'boids would look like for the 2018 design. I actually printed out the drawing seen below and used it as a guide while sculpting the new figure.

(See more HERE at!)

After that I began sculpting a new head with less teeth as well as an arctic Canne'boid head that later became a Canne'boid Pack Leader head, complete with a new foot. The Canne'lantern head I sculpted during NYCC 2011 along with it's hand, were molded and cast as well and Jeremy Sung and I began working on new colorway tests.

I really wanted to make some Canne'boids in a color green like Kobra Kahn from Masters of the Universe, but nailing that exact hue is really tricky. Dying resin requires precise amounts otherwise the color will not be the same each time.

These Canne'boids, Canne'lanterns and Canne'babies would be available at NYCC 2012, but never as an offical painted release like what was available at NYCC 2011 and August of 2011.

While casting these new Canne'boid parts, Jeremy became very busy as his Armory sets were making their debut in early 2012 so he did not have time to work with me until the Spring-Early Summer. During this lull is where the Ston'emm came into being while working on the Bruh'guh sculpt and they became my new focus for the next two years.

The Canne'boid's did not have an official release again, instead I would make One-of-a-Kind custom Canne'boids and just release them sporadically.

I did not want to make Canne'boids and have to deal with tediously painting their eyes, teeth and claws so if I was to release them again...their design would need to change a little bit. 

Enter: the 2018 Canne'boid.

These are photos of the master sculpt and I specifically sculpted their heads to have light-piping as the Ston'emms proved that was possible and it gives a REALLY great look. 

Their jaws I sculpted to look more like boney protrusions that jut upwards over the teeth inside their mouths. These protrusions help Canne'boids gore and grab their prey and give them their underbite appearance.

That's all for today, but next we will be discussing the Canne'boid's smaller cousins: the Canne'mytes! Stay tuned!!




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I am so glad to hear about the return of the Canne'boids and it is one of my favorite cartoon characters also. The pictures you have shared are really good and it makes me more excited. It is really a piece of happy news.

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The return of...the Canne'boids!!! | Bah&#039;glenn Creations

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