Alien Mercenaries Return Episode 5

This episode took a bit of time to shoot, hence the delay for the last 5 weeks or so. Thing is, this episode was almost 40+ panels long, easily two or three times as large as a standard episode! All the shots were good and useful to tell a story, so I looked for a natural pause and cut it there to make this a 3-parter and spread it around a bit more. This is a very visual heavy episode but also explains a bit more about Men'tohst and has the 'Mercs squaring off against him on almost equal footing.

A few of the Zullen actuall get knocked off the bookshelf by Snee'grak with his tail, pay close attention to the background characters in each shot as I make them move from panel to panel. This helps to show how there is this HUGE battle happening all around Porr'pul while he is facing off against these Men'tohst thralls.



Great work, just like a Saturday morning cartoon, someone calls stop and both sides freeze while a speech is made.

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